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  1. questionQbSure User Guide
    Cytek’s QbSure software offers a simple one-step interface to quantify daily performance on a variety of cytometers. Over the past 15 years, Q (optical efficiency) and b (background) measurements have shown their value as an indicator of flow cytometer performance. The QbSure beads have a ...

  2. questionCytek Auto-Sampler with FlowJo Collectors' Edition User Guide
    This document will explain the features of the Cytek 96-Well Automated Micro-Sampler (AMS) software version 1.0.4. This software runs under Windows XP or Windows 7 and is used in conjunction with Cytek upgraded cytometers using FlowJo Collectors' Edition acquisition software. This document may b ...

  3. questionCytek's Rainbow software users Guide
    Overview This upgrade provides for one or two additional fluorescence parameters, using red laser excitation. The additional parameter(s) are controlled from the Macintosh computer using the Rainbow software. Hardware Specifications A 25mW red diode laser or a 40mW violet solid state laser i ...

  4. questionCytek xP5 upgrade quick start guide
    5 Easy Steps to a 5 Color Experiment 1) Open Cell Quest. Connect to Cytometer. Open “Detectors/Amps” window under the “Cytometer” menu. 2) Check the box DDM in the “Detectors/Amps” window in Cell Quest, and make sure you have selected to save all param ...

  5. questionCytek Time Zero module user Guide for BD Benchtop Cytometers
    CYTEK DEVELOPMENT TIME ZERO USER'S GUIDE FACSCAN/FACSORT/FACSCALIBUR/LSR REV 6/15/03 Introduction The Time Zero System provides for the rapid addition of reagents to a sample, and rapid introduction of the reagent/sample mixture to the sensing regi ...