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  1. questionFlowJo Collector's Edition Software Users Guide
    The purpose of this users Guide is to explain the acquisition module of FlowJo CE (FlowJo Collector’s edition ). FlowJo Collector’s Edition software is a collaborative effort between Treestar and Cytek to make the PC version of FlowJo acquire data on Cytek modified cytometer ...

  2. questionCytek Upgrade Cytometer USB Driver
    This is the Tetradyne USB driver that should be installed using the Windows New Device Manager when first installing a Cytek cytometer, or crossing over to a new computer. Plug in USB cable with cytometer ON to trigger installation; when asked, tell New Hardware Manager where to find this driver ...

  3. questionApplying the spillover matix while acquiring data with a DxP upgrade
    Question: When the FlowJo Collector's user applies the spillover matrix during acquisition will the data always appear compensated during analysis? If the user does apply the spillover matrix during acquisition, how do you revert to viewing the data uncompensated? Answer: If you apply the spi ...

  4. questionGetting Started with FlowJo
    This article is from Abstract FlowJo analyzes flow cytometry data, regardless of which FACS machine is used to collect the samples. FlowJo uses a unique and powerful way to view and summarize flow data. Samples are organized in a Workspace window, which presents a hierarchical view o ...