Time Zero calcium Flux Measurement system

Simulated kinetics experiment using non-fluorescent beads for cells and fluorescent beads for stimulus. Stimulus injection and boost begin at 4.4 seconds. "Stimulus" appears at laser intercept at 5.0 seconds, boost ends at 5.2 seconds. Time marks shown as vertical white lines at start and end of boost.

Probe the kinetics of cellular responses to drugs, ligands, and mitogens with the Time Zero System. This system provides on-line stimulus delivery to cells, then delivers activated cells to the laser intercept for analysis within a second. The Time Zero Air Supply provides adjustable run and boost pressures.

The Time Zero is compatible with FACStar, FACStar Plus, EPICs, Elites, and FACSVantage. With the Time Zero Air Supply, the Time Zero System is compatible with FACScan, FACSort, FACSCalibur, and LSR.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable Sample Boost Time - Extends analysis to early activation kinetics
  • Sample Water Jacket - Defined temperature response
  • Sample/Stimulus Mixing - Uniform time zero
  • Time Zero Electronic Time - marks accurate time zero of stimulus activation
  • Sample Line Pinch Valve - no sample dilution from back flush
  • Uses standard disposable test tube - Low cost

Aerosol Containment System for FACSVantage SE

The system consists of two assemblies; a containment chamber that fits on the sorter, and a HEPA filter canister/fan unit that mounts in the lab or in a utility plenum above the lab. The two units are connected by flexible tubing, and the exhaust from the fan/filter unit is either connected to the exterior of the building, directly into the utility plenum, or into the lab. This system is defined as a Class 1 containment system, and prevents aerosols from escaping from the cytometer into the lab area.

The aerosol containment performance of a system with similar air flow characteristics has been tested by Simon Monard at the Trudeau Institute. No plaques were found outside the chamber when sorting high concentrations of phage. See the ACS details for more detail information on system and replacement parts.

Fluid Management system

Forget about filling the sheath tank on your flow cytometer. This system automatically pumps sheath fluid from a standard 20 liter supply cubitainer to your flow cytometer. It also automatically pumps waste fluid to a waste receptacle, or to any drain within 20 feet of your cytometer. The cytometer runs over 20 hours between cubitainers, a 5 fold increase in running time.

Our Ultra-Stable version for 4 color FACSCalibur systems minimizes the need for performing time-delay calibrations. The system presently works with FACScan, FACSort, FACSCalibur and LSR II cytometers.

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