96-Well Automated Micro-Sampler (AMS)

ams-frontal-reflection-sm3.jpg Cytek's 96-well AMS provides rapid and reliable sampling from 96-well microtiter trays. Individual wells are pressurized to deliver the sample directly into the cytometer. Since the well is positioned directly below the cytometer's uptake tube, the transfer volume is less than 10ul, and transfer time is less than 2 seconds. This means lower carryover, and higher productivity for your lab. An innovative software package, AMS Integrated, controls Cellquestand Excel to provide superior data management capability. For more information see our AMS brochure.

Compatible with FACScan, FACSort, LSR, and FACSCalibur Flow Cytometers. Compatible with Macintosh 7000 Series, G3 and G4 Computers running Cellquest.

AMS Benefits and Features

  • Fast Acquisition: Acquire a full 96-well plate in as little as 15 minutes. 
  • Low Carryover: Less than 1% in automatic mode, and less than 5% in high throughput screening mode. 
  • Minimal Dead Volume: Our direct pressure system keeps dead volume below 25ul. 
  • Cellquest™/Cellquest Pro™ Integration: completely compatible with all versions. 
  • Automatic Cleaning protocols: setup your cleaning protocols, start them, and walk away. 
  • In Well Mixing: Programmable in well mixing prior to acquisition.  
  • Change from tubes to plates: Our simple connections makes it easy to change from tubes to plates. 
  • Plate Cooling/Warming Option: Maintains consistent plate temperature while the plate is loaded. 
  • Workhorse Reliability: working reliably in the field for over 10 years with high satisfaction. 
  • Quality Service and Support: On-site service and support available from our highly trained staff. All systems come with one year warranty. 

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For more information, download our AMS PDF.