Twenty Years of Excellence

Cytek Development Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flow cytometry products and services. We are engineers, scientists and customer service representatives who design, build and support upgrades for flow cytometers.


Started in 1990 by Dr. Eric Chase and Harvey Schulte, Cytek Development Inc. made its name developing accessories to improve cytometer function. During this time, products such as the Time Zero Kinetic Accesssory and 20-Liter Upgrade reflected our commitment to listen to scientists and create products they need.


Early in 2002, scientists began asking questions like "Can Cytek upgrade my existing FacScan to detect APC ?" We then realized there was a demand for customized equipment that would respond precisely to our customer's needs. In response, we developed our first upgrade, the 5-color xP5. We now offer an extensive product line of DxP, or digital extra parameters, with a wide array of additional lasers and detectors to help our customers expand cytometer capacity without the high cost of buying new.