Custom Laser Configuration

407 and 532 DPSS
lasers on FACSVantage™
Does your present flow cytometer still work well, but need more excitation wavelength flexibility? Cytek has the engineering knowhow and post installation support staff to custom configure your flow cytometer. Add a 407nm and 532 nm DPSS laser to your FACSVantage™, or maybe you would like to have 562nm excitation in your bench-top cytometer. Please e-mail us to inquire how we can adapt your present cytometer to your labs growing experimental needs.

GFP/YFP Custom Optics

filters3.jpg If you would like to measure GFP and YFP on your FACScan™, FACSort™ or FACSCalibur™ Cytek has the custom solution. We change the stationary first dichroic filter as well as PMT bandpass filters. Our custom kit, includes a 540DCSP, 510/21 BPF for GFP, 550/30 BPF for YFP, and removable band-pass filter holders for FL1 and FL2 to switch between GFP / FITC and YFP/ PE. This kit also includes installation. See the detailed GFP/YFP optical layout.