A Maintenance Plan for Every Budget


Maintaining your Cytometry equipment does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Cyteks Superior Service Through Technical Excellence offers lab managers cost effective service plans, without sacrificing quality assurance.


SERVICE CONTRACT TYPES: The following on-site service contract types are available through Cytek:

  • PREMIUM : Includes Parts, Travel, Labor, Telephone technical support, Two Preventive Maintenance Service visits per year, Guaranteed Response Time
  • VALUE : Includes all items in the Premium type, minus the guaranteed response time. Also includes a $600 deductible per emergency service visit.
  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE : Includes two preventive maintenance service visits per year, and Telephone technical support only. All other parts and services billed at prevailing rate.


The chart below outlines the types of plans available, with comparisons of plan features. If you would like more information, contact us using our contact form or call 1-877-92CYTEK or 510-657-0102.

Feature/ Service Plan Premium Value PMI
Emergency on-site service* X X  
2 preventive service visits X X X
Unlimited telephone technical support X X X
Cytek Certified Parts X X 2 PM kits only
Cytometer Computer support X X  
48 hour on-site response X    
Discount on Cytek products X    
Software revisions X Discount  
Select hardware upgrades X Discount  
Cytek Firmware revisions X X  
Training discounts X X  
* $600 deductible required for Value plan