DxP Features


FlowJo Collector’s edition acquisition control for a 5-laser 10-color system.


  • Example 5-laser system (488/637/407/532/561nm); 4 detection channels from the 488 laser, 2 detections channels off of the 637 laser, 2 detection channels from the 407nm laser, 2 detection channels from the 532nm laser, 2 detection channels from the 561nm laser
  • FSC, SSC and 1 selectable Area and Width channel
  • 18 bit, 5 log decade digital data, data transfer rate of 48Mhz, system clock speed 4Mhz, ADC clock speed 500Khz
  • Real time spillover (compensation) matrix
  • View data with auto-calculated compensation during live acquisition
  • Data file will contain raw and compensated parameters
  • User definable spillover values
  • FlowJo Collector’s edition workstation; includes A61 9134 − Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.5 GHz PC and 24” monitor


Technical Requirements

  • Cytek’s DxP upgrades are available for FACScan™, FACSort™, and FACS Calibur™ flow cytometers.
  • Phone connection near Cytometer recommended

Laser lines available for DxP upgrades

Laser wavelength
2 laser
355nm UV
375nm Near UV
405nm Violet
445nm Deep Blue
488nm Blue
532nm Green
561nm Yellow
640nm red
671nm Infrared


DxP Example Optical Layouts

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.