Cytek Onsite Maintenance and Repair Services

On-site Repair Service: A Plan to fit any Budget
With Cytek you have a choice when your flow cytometer needs maintenance. We offer various cost effective service plan options for the following flow cyotmeters:

  • BD LSRII and Fortessa
  • BD FACSAria
  • BD FACSCanto
  • BD FACSVantage
  • BD FACSCalibur
  • BD FACSort
  • BD FACScan
Each Cytek Engineer is rigorously trained and has a comprehensive understanding of the electronic, optical, and fluidic components of flow cytometers and extensive knowledge of how to repair problems in an efficient manner. We provide onsite maintenance and repair services directly in North America and though our partners in the European Union, South America, China, Russia, and Israel.

Cytek Cytometer Validation Services

Have you ever wondered how efficiently your Cytometer is collecting light and how much noise it has in the background?
As part of our routine QC procedure Cytek Development uses a novel approach for calculating how well your cytometer is collecting light (Q), and how much noise is in the background (b). Using Multi-peak beads and the Validation section of our Website, users can now test Cytometer validation on-line. We run our Q&b test and compare the results of your cytometer to the results in our Q&b Database. Cytek's Q&b Database allows for advance performance evaluation and reporting. Our Cytometer Q&b Validation Report lets you know how well your cytometer is running and with our Premium Service Contract coverage get guaranteed Q&b values.

Cytek Training Services

Cytek training is performed in your lab, with your equipment.
Cytek offers flow labs training services in the area of:

  • Basic flow cytometry theory
  • Proper setup, QC, and use of flow cytometers
  • Flow cytometer user maintenance
  • Software use