FlowJo Collectors' Edition

Cytek's Exclusive FlowJo Collectors' Edition Software Boosts Productivity

With FlowJo Collectors' Edition software you enjoy high-speed data acquisition along with the benefits of many of FlowJo's powerful analysis features consolidated in a single package.

FlowJo Collectors' Edition Productivity Features:

  • EASY setup – 1) name your files, 2) load your settings, 3) record
  • Quickly define storage location of data
  • Quickly add empty files to the workspace
  • Define and save a hierarchical gating strategy
  • Add unique reagent labels
  • View live data in linear, log and Cytek's A-Sinch scales (see Figures)
  • View live statistics
  • Preview up to 500K events and record up to 65 million events
  • Performs real-time software compensation for Cytek DxP cytometers

All cytometers powered by Cytek with FlowJo Collectors' Edition will have access to the Cytek Field Service technical support team.


FlowJo Collectors' Edition is compatible with FACScan, FACSort* and FACSCalibur* flow cytometers.

For more information contact: sales@cytekdev.com