Solid State Laser Benefits and Features

ssweb.jpgLow carbon footprint solid state lasers come in 355, 407, 445, 488, 515, 532, 561, 637, and 670nm models. These lasers can be installed in most BD flow cytometers. With lifetimes up to twice as long as old argon lasers, you will see a significant boost in longevity and a great return on your investment. High power solid state lasers will not go down because of cooling water problems. Your laser will be professionally installed and aligned by one of Cytek’s field service engineers. Cytek mounting hardware included at no extra charge. We offer a price reduction upon purchasing a premium service contract.


Solid State vs. Argon Laser


This graph displays Cytek 6-peak Q&B beads run on the same cytometer with the same PMT settings. The desaturated histogram displays the results from the 15mW 488 argon laser and the fully saturated histogram displays results from the Cytek 30mW 488 solid state laser.

Laser Type Power Requirements Heat Load
15mW Ag Ion 1000 Watts 3400 BTU
30mW DPSS 10 Watts 34 BTU

Solid State Laser Availability By Cytometer

Laser Wavelength FACScan
FacsVantage LSR I
355nm UV 20,40,60mW 80,100,150mW 20,40,60mW
375nm Near UV 16mW N/A 16mW
407nm Violet 50,100mW 100mW 50,100mW
445nm Deep Blue 50mW 50mW 50mW
488nm Blue 20,30,50,75mW 100,200,500mW 20,30,50,75mW
515nm Blue/Green 50mW 50mW 50mW
532nm Green 20,50,100mW 100,150mW 20,50,100mW
561nm Yellow 50,75,100mW 75,100,150mW 50,75,100mW
637nm Red 25,40,100mW 40,100mW 24,40,100mW
671nm Infrared 300mW 300mW 300mW

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Click here to download our Solid State Lasers PDF

For more information, download our Solid State Lasers PDF.